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A Pre-event Request to Meersbrook Allotment Tenants

As an allotment tenant I am always excited when I discover random objects whilst I am digging. Mostly these are bits of rubbish such as a rusty spark plug or a bit of an old brush.

  • Do you have a collection of similar (worthless) objects?
  • Would you be prepared to donate/lend one for the ‘Allotment Soup‘ event?
  • I will be asking visitors to ‘Allotment Soup‘ to create stories inspired by these ordinary objects.

Thank you for your cooperation

Setting up instructions

In a sheltered but light environment:

  • Photograph each ‘found object‘ using the Polaroid camera provided.
  • Find an available plant pot, bucket or wheelbarrow.
  • Bury the found objects in soil or potting compost.
  • Using the double-sided tape fix the photos to the notebooks.
  • Find a work surface to display the notebooks and put the pens close to them.
  • Place the object-bearing container and the gardening gloves close to the notebooks.
  • Position the participant instructions in a place where they are clearly visible.
  • Encourage visitors to take part in story making.

An invitation for Allotment Soup visitors

I invite you to allow your imagination to roam by participating in story making inspired by objects found and lent by tenants here at Meersbrook allotments.

  • Please put on a pair of gardening gloves.
  • Take an object from the soil-filled container.
  • Find the relevant book by the picture on its cover.
  • Read the story so far.
  • Write the next part of the story.
  • Please return the object, book, pen and gloves to where you found them.
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