Truro 2

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that I am able to write my blog in my potting shed. Otherwise everything about my practice is different, new house, garden instead of allotment, new neighbours, different climate and wildlife (07/10/08).

It’s autumn. I realised this yesterday when I came out to my shed early on, sun shining and blue sky; but the shed was cool. Until now the same conditions would have turned my shed into a little hot house by that time of day. I am pretty much decided now on where I will have my vegetable beds. I have tried a series of straight rows and square beds by marking them out with string but what seems to be most satisfactory is a sunburst emanating from a quarter circle of grass (for family and dog to sit on.) I have mown the paths, leaving the bed areas un-mown, in order to get a sense of how it will be (13/10/08).

I just had to retrieve my dog from the garden of the house behind ours. He has found a way to push through the barrier I’ve made out of the branches I’ve pruned from evergreen trees. I lured him back with some cheese and now he’s locked in the house again, silly dog. We are going to have to buy some more effective fencing, chicken wire probably, which will at least be one step towards keeping hens (31/10/08).

I woke up this morning with the urge to plan my crops for next year. This will be very different to my previous growing patterns because of a warmer climate, less space and use of a greenhouse. It is now the end of the day and a conversation with my neighbour over the hedge that I was cutting resulted in my borrowing a roll of her husband’s chicken wire to secure the end of the garden, on condition that I return it in the spring when he will need it for planting his peas. It is, miraculously, exactly the right length (25/11/08).

Two military aircraft and the cloud have now passed over and the sun is attempting to break through again. I’m going to pot up some bulbs I brought with me from my last garden and position them with another pot of bulbs I’ve rescued under a leaking gutter (02/12/08).

Truro 2