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The 'Peak Advertiser' arrived through the letterbox. I read through the classified ads with bated breath. Sure enough, I saw what seemed to be the very thing, 'Potting shed with half glass front (offers)', I rang immediately and since it was in nearby Chesterfield I arranged to see it an hour and a half later. I was worried about what was meant by 'offers', and had decided to take £50 in my pocket, to offer that and to have a further £25 in my purse, just in case. As it happened the man said 'I was thinking of about £50' and I said 'that's exactly what I was thinking' and handed him the cash, so it was a deal and both he and I were happy (8th April 2006).

We left later than intended to dismantle and transport the potting shed. We arrived there at 11.30 and finally drove away from the allotment having dropped off the second load at 5.30. We couldn't have managed without the help of the man who sold it to us in taking it down and loading it into and onto the van and a fellow allotment tenant who gave us a hand carrying it onto the plot (16th April 2006).

Equipped with advice and materials from various builders, I was all set to level the ground and lay the concrete slabs for my shed base. This went better than I expected. Building up the front with stones and then bricks solved the sloping problem I had encountered in a previous attempt and the sand was amazingly malleable in creating a smooth even surface. I decided to attempt to lay the wooden floor onto the concrete base without an extra pair of hands but first needed to brush the debris off the slabs and had forgotten to bring a brush. I remembered the resources the garden had to offer and constructed a broom out of the thin ends of raspberry canes, cutting and saving the other ends for row markers. I ended up with something resembling an archetypal witches broom that did the job marvellously. I rested the edge of the base onto a board supported by bricks and lowered it into position carefully and it was flat. We returned at about 7pm, I was anxious that we would run out of daylight, however, a helpful allotment tenant was just arriving as we were, he said it would get dark at 8.45 and offered an extra pair of hands if we needed it, which we did when it came to lifting the roof into position (27th April 2006).

Sitting in my shed thinking things over and a sparrow just flew in, realised its mistake when it hit the wall and flew straight out again and into the nearby elder (1st June 2007).

I had a friend here yesterday. We harvested, cooked and ate a two-course meal in my shed whilst conducting a conversation about our mutual concerns. I recorded this conversation on my laptop and it's my intention for that this to be the first of many interactions of this kind (30th September 2007).

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