Neighbour 1

When my elderly neighbour died very suddenly in April 2010 his wife and family asked if I would like to plant up his already prepared vegetable plot. My neighbour was the grower of champion vegetables and took away many of the prizes at all the local horticultural shows. I often found gifts of garden produce at our adjoining boundary, which I am now able to reciprocate with freshly-laid eggs. It was an honour to be invited to work the ground that he had nurtured for many years. His son-in-law made a hole in our adjoining hedge to allow me easy access. I have not photographed the garden itself in order to preserve the family's privacy. I have however gathered fragments of potsherd and other small objects that I have come across whilst planting and I have packaged and labeled them together according to the task I was performing when I discovered them.

Neighbour 2