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I've worked here this morning with two key tasks to complete. I had to take photographs for a book I am collaborating in, which involved digging up the horseshoe from under the cowslip. I also dug my potatoes and seedbed seedlings, leeks and brassicas, and some herbs that I grew from seed last year, to transplant into my new garden. I've no shed here now as it's waiting to be re-erected in Cornwall but I still parked my tools and bags on the site where it stood; force of habit I suppose. I'm sitting under my elder/rose arbour on the palette I placed there for the purpose. I'm planning one more visit here at the end of the month to harvest sweetcorn, artichokes and anything else that's thriving and to finally let go. The rain is coming again, it's been miraculously dry, in spells, today after what feels like constant rain for several days. Time to move on now… (06/09/08)

It's all over. Yesterday, my last day, I went equipped with my friend's dainty spade and secateurs and was all done in time to collect my youngest daughter and deliver her to a dental appointment. I harvested two sweetcorn, three courgettes, a few autumn raspberries and a host of runner beans. I added revoltingly slimy compost and activator to the compost heap as I didn't want to leave this unpleasant task for my successor. I then dug summer and autumn raspberry plants, gooseberries and blackcurrants for transplanting and picked purple daisies. This was when I realised I'd finished and that there was no need to return as planned in the afternoon which meant instead I had time to visit a friend, convalescing after an accident. I delivered the raspberry canes she'd asked for as well as daises and raspberries that were all a bit squashed having shared the car boot with my Labrador dog. My last photo was of 'Tiny' the black cat that had greeted me on this last visit and also my first and most others in between (30/09/08).

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