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Amongst a box of fragments that I had dug out of a plot I cultivated in Cornwall was a discarded empty tube of oil paint that I had found close to where Newlyn School artist, Harold Harvey, had lived. The garden I was digging belonged to his old house. On a recent visit to Penzance I took it with me to Penlee House Museum, home to the Newlyn School collection, in order to offer it to them for their collection. The museum Director was delighted to hold it in her hand and said it would almost certainly have belonged to Harold Harvey or his wife. However, she declined to keep it as she said the museum would be bound to keep it in its current condition, a state of partial decay. She agreed that it would be most appropriate therefore to offer it to the landlord of the pub in Newlyn, the gentleman currently living in Harold Harvey's house, who had generously allowed me to cultivate his garden. I asked my friend and former colleague, Jon Humphris, to make a frame to contain the tube.

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