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Organic carrots. Autumn King 2. Main crop. Sow March – July. Fine tilth. 10″ between rows. Thin to 2cm/1″ apart. Keep moist ‘til established. Likes well dug soil, not recently manured or fertilised (comes strange shapes).

Chives – from home plants. Not sure what they’ll do – probably grow anywhere.

Rocket – organic. I sow on seed then plant out. Sow Apr – Aug, rows 12″ apart (think these are always OTT). 2–3 sowings for continuous supply. Thin to 4″apart. Keep moist. Pick individual leaves. Plants regrow for 3–4 cuts.

Peas. Plant 2 in a pot in warmish place. V hardy. Plant 2 per stake. Plant out when about 4″ tall.

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