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Wall building again today hindered by frost, which glues the stones together giving an illusion of more stability than is actually there. However, if I waited until warmer conditions prevailed I’d then have plant growth to contend with. I realised the other day that I haven’t been alone on the allotment for maybe 2 weeks. My work has become peopled recently. So far this feels OK but I’m surprised at being comfortable with it, I would have expected to need time here by myself (14th December 2007).

Much of the time spent working with my wall building friend was spent in relative silence, sometimes we would work alongside each other, I would help moving stone, other times I would be digging some way off. Invariably, when we met for a break over a cup of coffee we shared in conversation about what we had each been mulling over during the working process. This felt like a supportive and yet non-intrusive way to work in a peaceful atmosphere of natural growth. The work itself acted on the body as metaphor; the lifting of cold heavy stone, sparkling with frost, revealing the unexpected discovery of bluebells making their first attempts at new life.

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