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Four hours on the plot today allowed me time to begin building my compost area with the palettes I salvaged, a few weeks ago, from a nearby garden centre. However, I hadn't charged the power packs for my electric screwdriver and had to abandon this project for another day. I took with me ten jerusalem artichoke tubers that I had discovered on a recent trip to St.Martin's - Isles of Scilly, where they were on a little stall with a sign saying 'free'. I was particularly pleased as these were the one crop I had wanted to harvest, before I gave up my previous allotment, but it was the wrong season. I planted these in a row along the North (sea) facing end of my plot as they grow into very tall plants that will serve as a windbreak. I also took with me a tray of brassica seedlings that I have grown from last year's seed and potted on. I have planted these rather too close together but intend to transplant them when I have dug another bed for them. Rain is forecast so I am trusting they will all be watered in naturally (13/11/10).

I was walking along Fore Street this morning and a man smiled at me and asked me when I was going to be digging again. I recognised him to be one of my allotment neighbours and confessed to not having visited my allotment for some time partly because I had assumed the ground was frozen. He told me that rabbits have eaten most of what is growing there. Our brief conversation reminded me that I had worked through wintry weather in Derbyshire and therefore went up this afternoon equipped with my recharged cordless screwdriver. I discovered the feathery remains of a fox or cat's Christmas dinner and, as I'd been warned, that rabbits had indeed made a feast of all my cabbage seedlings. I finished constructing a simple 2-bay compost bin from the 5 pallets I'd salvaged some months ago. I then investigated my box of equipment and realised that a kind neighbour (possibly the man I met this morning) had anchored the roofing felt that keeps my tool box dry as well as moving my weeding bucket to support the side of my part-made compost bin (26/12/10).

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