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I heard something plop into the river as I walked along the bank. I waited, wondering if the sound was made by fish, bird or rodent, but was not rewarded with a sighting. I was close to this spot on a previous day when I heard and saw a kingfisher rising out of the water. Standing there on the bank this day, pondering the surface of the water, I recognised it to be a limen between worlds inhabited by quite different kinds of creatures, that depend on both water and air, though usually one world is more familiar, less hostile, than the other… A day later… I thought I saw a trout jump out of the river twice the length of its body in distance and, just as I was mistrusting my vision, it did it again. I wondered at this but realised the previous day's ambiguous sensing had inspired my imagination to contemplate further (16th Dec 2005).

The park was shrouded in mist as I made my morning walk by the river, which caused me to consider my individual senses, in particular sight and hearing. I could hear what I knew to be the sound of a flamethrower, on the opposite river bank, filling a bright red hot air balloon printed with the word 'virgin' in white. I used to enjoy watching hot air balloons until I discovered that each flight used as much gas as would heat an average home for a whole winter. Today I enjoyed the irony of this monstrous virgin being obscured from my sight by mist which instead revealed to me the secret world of spiders. The grass and fallen autumn leaves were the support for a translucent blanket, highlighted white by particles of moisture, a vision in miniature of what the balloonists would have looked down on once they had risen above the clouds. I considered walking on the man-made path for once so as not to disturb this covering but then thought of the many creatures that traverse my allotment plot unconcerned about disturbing, and in fact adding to, my artfulness. I reminded myself that I am part of and not removed from the natural world. I wondered whether the experience itself of being in the balloon basket or the stories arising from it were the aim of those it contained. I too had a story, my perception of the natural world that same morning, a story of wonder that highlighted to me the importance of being situated in the day-to-day natural world rather than searching for an objectified understanding of it (20th Oct 2007).

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