Tale of Two Benches 1 Tale of Two Benches 2

Lilies went into a Celtic van and unidentified brown boxes came out of a grey one. A crow with a broken wing checked me out; the smell of fish and chips drifting downwind. Aforementioned crowed sampled a bit of cardboard then staggered off in the direction of fish and chips. A baby gull is pleading with me now and resting on one leg. It soon gave up when it realised I hadn't sat down to eat.

Three important men and a space. I am now intrigued by a man on a bench near mine, wearing all white clothes, a long white coat with painting on it. He has a pile of books and is reading a notebook. Ah, it's a sketchbook. He has something looking like a star wars light sabre. On my other side, a pasty eating man wearing an Islamic black and white scarf is feeding crumbs to pigeons and helping a small boy who slipped on the ice, he used his scarf to wipe ice off his coat. He went away and returned with a bread bun that he made into crumb and fed to the pigeons. Even the pigeons are slipping today! The artist man has now been joined by a homeless man. I smiled at a man told off by his wife for feeding chips to the birds.

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