This is the weazle, it collects water just there and its got a visitor called Harry the ladybird, he's just here. He's got a stomach-ache at the moment so he's come to the weazle to get himself better… These are poppies, they're like paper and they also taste like strawberries, unless it's a Saturday and then they taste like mushrooms and if it's a Sunday they taste like raspberries… This is comfrey, it feeds tomatoes, I don't know how it feeds tomatoes, it comes from outer space that's why it's got the fur on it… These are raspberries and these are gooseberries. You can make gooseberry pie. Harry ate gooseberry pie, that's why he's got a stomach-ache and there's also a butterfly somewhere around here, she ate raspberry pie and she's got stomach-ache too (1st June 2007).

There's a beautiful fairy tale isn't there about the princess who has twenty brothers and they turn into swans and she has to weave jackets out of stinging nettles which of course hurt her terribly but it's to get rid of a curse and I remember, as a little child, her throwing the stinging nettle jacket over the swan and it turned back to her brother. It's a beautiful story, but her hands were blistering with the weaving. If you look at that nettle, that's where it comes from (1st June 2007).