In 2004, post MA I was experiencing a sense of loss having been cut off from the university library. I applied for and was appointed 2D Foundation Technician (maternity cover). I approached the appointment as an opportunity to regard the work itself as my art practice. I documented my days by keeping a journal in the form of leftover fragments that I saved in cellophane packets and labelled with the date. I used the university email system to ask for donations of unwanted garden furniture, which I collected in my lunch break and used to create an outdoor area for the students and staff. I used up leftover textile ink by screenprinting it through the students' photostencils before cleaning them from the screens. I then cut up the fabric into squares onto which I typed each student's name and pressed the squares into folded handkerchiefs for them to have as leaving gifts. I organised a bar-b-que for the teaching staff, together with my technician colleague, during which a combination of champagne and sunshine gave rise to an unusual race. Having re-located from Cornwall to Derbyshire I made, from packing boxes, a series of gift boxes for each member of staff containing documentation of my practice whilst in the appointment.