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After moving from Cornwall to Derbyshire, I was unpacking in my studio and lifted out of a box what I took to be the cast of my face, made with the help of an artist neighbour in St.Ives some eight years previously. I then came across a second face cast and realised I'd been mistaken as this second one was mine. Strangely I'd forgotten and suddenly remembered something now quite significant. My friend, Silver (after Long John Silver), lived in a caravan on a scrap yard at which he worked. A friend of his had helped him cast his face and he gave it to me saying, 'You're an artist, you'll do something with it'. Some months later he was working alone at the yard, repairing the underneath of an old but recently acquired portacabin when the jack supporting it gave way and he was crushed to death. At the time I re-discovered Silver's cast I happened to be reading an interview with Deleuze about the biography he wrote two years after Michel Foucault's death in which he says, 'When someone you like and admire dies you sometimes need to draw their picture. Not to glorify them, still less to defend them, not to remember, but rather to produce a final likeness you can find only in death, 'that makes you realise that's who they were'. A mask, or what he himself called a double, an overlay' (Deleuze, 1995, 102). Deleuze's reflections on Foucault's death were the timely prompt I needed for realising Silver's likeness.

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