Jam Making

Gorgeous sunshine, I'd expected many fellow allotmenteers but I seem to be alone which suits me well today. An indication of the state of my allotment is that I've just discovered bindweed winding its way around a chilli pepper plant inside my shed. I've definitely lost the plot this summer; it has run away from me and become a free agent. My heart has been elsewhere. Firstly because of the unexpected, yet joyous, re-opening of doors for us as a family in Cornwall and then the opposite, the tragic death of two of our dearest friends, also in Cornwall. For these reasons we have spent most of the summer there and neglected my allotment. Such sadness, the allotment epitomises it all, things dying down now at the end of the summer, yet beyond that, the hope of new beginnings springing from the old, but I feel it could be a long cold winter (27/08/07). I'm coming back down to earth gradually. Picking plums, damsons, elderberries and autumn raspberries and making jam for the first time, has helped. Also eating peas and rocket straight from the plant. It's a glorious evening, golden light after an overcast day. However, this time of day and this time of year the gnats make their presence felt so I'm heading for home (08/09/07).

Plum Jam Label