Things are often the reverse of what they’re declared. So, people who claim to be political are often not, they’re performing that role, but it’s the average citizen, who doesn’t consider themselves political, who are generally more solid in their political actions.

Like a lot of things in life, unless you find the right people a lot of other cultures and communities are invisible… once you’ve met people like that it makes you realise, it’s not really cracks, it’s just these areas that are dark that you’d never think of looking into, that people live and thrive in those places.

Spirituality is seen to be all about being happy, having a good clap and sing, being in bliss and escaping everything. For me it’s not, it’s about just growing, that’s what you do whether you’re a tree or an animal, you grow and then you cease to grow, but that’s, kind of, your duty as a living organism.

I’ve found that the best pieces of work I’ve made are ones that I’ve often thrown away and taken out of the bin again because you don’t really know when you make it, you don’t know two years later, you don’t know often ten years later if it’s any good and that’s what makes it interesting because it’s still a question. Art doesn’t have an answer, or if it does the answer would be different next week.