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Phoebe and I made the first batch of chutney in the autumn of 2007 with apples we had picked in the orchard of the college my partner worked at, close to my allotment in Derbyshire. We distributed it to friends and family.

The following year I made chutney with Barbara from fruit given to me by my neighbour in Cornwall. We made the chutney in her cottage kitchen in Derbyshire where I was staying, close to the hospital where my father was dying. Barbara’s cottage was in the process of being refurbished so our chutney making took place amidst builder's rubble.

A year later, I was working at a community garden project in Cornwall and Barbara had come to stay. We gathered windfall apples in the orchard there and brought them home to make chutney. I delivered most of my share to the garden project where it became gifts for visitors.

In autumn 2010 Anne-Marie contacted me to ask if I could use apples she had gathered as part of her project Abundance, in the Fowey estuary. I subsequently took the apples to St.Ives where some members of a weekly ‘stitch and chat’ group joined me in making chutney in the hall and kitchen where they met.

Chutney 1b Chutney 2b Chutney 3b