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I made a series of seasonal mats when I first had Kerstin's loom. I worked to a system; the broad stripes marked a week in Bakewell, the thinner contrasting stripe represented market day. We have the 'spring' mat for our hearthrug, I sold 'winter' on my farmers' market stall and 'summer' became a wedding present. I used 'autumn' as a cover for my contemplating and writing seat at the allotment until I sent it to my friend who lived in the woods in Cornwall for his 60th birthday. He positioned it in the entrance of his bender. After our friend died Jane gathered most of his belongings and took them to her house. When I was there for his burial I asked Jane if she'd seen the mat. She told me she had hung one on her washing line to be washed by the rain. When I visited Jane several months later, to explore the possibility of working her poly-tunnel with her, I asked again about the mat and she said she thought it was where I last saw it. Sure enough, it was still on the washing line in autumnal repose, somewhat cleaner and richer for its diverse experience.

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