LW ‘So, can you see any parallels between this and what you do?‘

BG ‘I can see loads of parallels. We talk about scarecrow ministry, which I think is in my ministry, part of my job is just to keep away the big birds and let the tender things appear and see what happens, so there’s a very direct parallel with an emerging allotment isn’t there? You’re tending what’s here already pretty much aren’t you? You’re working with it, rather than trying to construct it, it’s an organic process. There’s a surprising element as well, ’oh there’s raspberries there’, and also there’s a sense that it is ordered but it’s not organised. I’m also interested in what you’re saying about things having to have a timetable, so you actually do have to plant some things between March and April and I think that’s the same for me, you can miss the deadline because if you wait for things to happen they don’t happen and there are other processes at work like church schedules or grant application forms. I think there’s also a thing about waiting – just coming, being, and not necessarily having a fixed plan and even if you have a fixed plan being prepared to change it‘ (28th Sept 2007).